Francis Ford Mediation
8 Walbridge Road,
Paxton, MA 01612-1430

I have successfully resolved thousands of cases and I am confident I can resolve yours.  While my "specialty" is in personal injury matters, I am willing to hear the facts of your claim and tell you honestly if I think I can be of help in getting it settled.  If it is a personal injury claim I know I can get it settled. 

My rates are low. I charge a flat fee of $750.00 per side for mediations conducted in Worcester.  If you prefer, I will travel to your office and we will agree upon an appropriate fee based upon your location. 

I do not put a time limit on your mediation; my goal is to settle your case, not worry about the clock. 

I am a Court Certified Mediator.

Give me a try, you will be glad you did.

Here's how to reach me:

Office:  508-791-7776

Mobile: 508-769-9922


I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to "close your file."  As a practicing lawyer for 30+ years and a Clerk of Courts & Magistrate at the Massachusetts Superior Court in Worcester, I know how good it feels to "close a file" and I will assist you in closing yours.

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